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reality is what i make it

One of the greatest things about working in the film industry is what most audiences never see. The smiles, the shenanigans, the teamwork, while my 1st priority is always safety followed closely by delivering the needed effects which are always to the standards and timelines of the set productions It is always my goal to manufacture an environment of the family. both for the cast and the crew, professionalism communication and attitude are key to successful practical special effects

"We most always treat actors with the utmost of respect they are our canvases when they entrust us with their skin they are entrusting us with their livelihood" Robert bravo Teaching intro to SPFX
photo shoots


Strive to always be highly focused on the subtle details that can easily be missed 

Feature Films


the cornerstone of my business I'm proficient in a wide range of practical special effects and time management capable of bringing complex blood rigs character manipulation and more     

Short Films


I treat every short film with the same respect and discipline i bring to features willing to meet in advance with director, producers, and AD's to find the best use of limited time thus being able to make the most of a one or two day production

New Media


I have become proficient in the rushed and improvised nature needed to bring quality cinematic caliber effects to micro-budgeted new media outlets such as music videos or youtube content 

Live Events 


I'm able to participate in a number of life events  inculding hunts, parties or theamed events   

Prop Fabrication 


I am able to fabricate a full range of safety weapons such as foam hammers, blood rigs to simulate lacerations, and fake body parts. as well as custom pieces  



I'm happy to take on privet or group classes and workshops tailored to the needs and wishes of the student. We'll try to work in multiple technics and overall lesson plans to give the most information available 

Fun little picture from the makeup on la
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